Project & Portfolio Management

Manage IT Demand, Budget, Resources & Time

by using Micro Focus PPM

Change Management Services

Stuck with Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) initiative alone? Project and portfolio management is a huge change for organization. It requires appropriate handling of cultural change as well as defining IT processes properly. Without a clear strategy, support and design PPM initiatives will fail for certain. MIF Software & Consultancy helps you in managing the change, establishing the strategy and design the processes. We give necessary training and implement Micro Focus PPM.

Training Services (Micro Focus PPM)

You need to develop your Micro Focus PPM capabilities? MIF Software & Consultancy gives 4 days Micro Focus PPM Essentials, 4 days Micro Focus PPM Advanced and 2 days Micro Focus PPM Administration training. This service can be onsite in your premises or remote.

Implementation Services (Micro Focus PPM)

You want to install, upgrade or just change Micro Focus PPM? MIF Software & Consultancy installs, configures Micro Focus PPM and develops, configures your need using best practices.